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Service time: 10.30am

Congregation size: About 20-25, aged 30's to 90's

Children & young people: Local provision is made for any who may be present

Hymn Books: Words projected from many sources

Music: Keyboard and violin lead songs

Worship Leaders: No

Lectionary expected: No. Preacher will be advised of current teaching theme

Congregational involvement: Read lessons, lead intercessions, simple drama

Lord's Prayer: Mainly modern, said and on screen

Contact with preacher: Our secretary (Carey) will contact by email

Orders of service: Please supply an outline order by the Tuesday prior to the service, when our music group meet to practice.

Offering: Mostly directly to bank, some money on plate near entrance.  Offertory plate will be brought forward at a suitable point in the service.

Communion arrangements: At front in groups; lay people assist

Sound system: Fixed microphones and radio microphone

Computer: Yes, PowerPoint for words and visuals

WiFi and Internet: Yes

CCCL Licence: 73500 reproduction and copying

Calamus Licence: A-730894

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