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Prayer & Bible Study Resources

Follow the links below to find resources to help you pray and study the Bible.


God wants to communicate with you.

Praying is a bit like breathing: like the air around you, every second of every day you are in God’s presence.

It is also good to make a space in your day when you focus on praying.

You can share what’s on your heart, pray for others, and listen to God. 

There are lots of ways to pray, and it’s good to experiment to find a way that suits you.

The core point is to spend time with God, as you are, like you would spend time with a friend.

Here are some resources that might help you in your prayers.

Exploring Worship:

a series of practical workshops for anyone involved in leading public worship. The material here has been generated following discussions at the workshops.

For details of future workshops, please contact Liz Little ( )

Bible Study

Reading and studying the Bible helps us to grow in faith and to understand more of how God wants us to live. These websites offer some guides to help understand the Bible and apply it to our daily lives.

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