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Service time: 1st Sunday -10.30am–Mission group – different venues

2nd Sunday - ‘T@3’ at 3.00pm l begins with afternoon tea.
There will usually be a theme and something linked to that theme that can be done at the
table eg write prayers, colouring etc. Table activities are usually introduced around 3.15pm.
At some time around 3.30-3.40 there is a short time of reflection of no more than 15
minutes based on the theme. This is very informal and ideally interactive. It would usually
include a reading, reflection, prayer and couple of songs. At the end people can be invited
to continue with table activities, eating up the cakes and make an offering if they would like

3rd Sunday – 10.30am

4th Sunday - Café Worship 10.30am

5th Sunday - 10.30am

Congregation size: 12, mostly 60+

Children & young people: Very occasionally

Hymn Books: H&P, Singing the Faith, Complete Mission Praise, Biggleswade supplement

Music: Organ /piano

Worship Leaders: No

Lectionary expected: No

Congregational involvement: Read lessons, participate in dramas etc

Intercessions book: Prayer list

Lord's Prayer: Traditional, said

Contact with preacher: Steward will contact early in the week

Orders of service: 3

Offering: Offering plates at rear of church but not brought forward. Offering prayer preferred

Communion arrangements: At rail, in groups; Methodist Worship Book

Sound system: Radio and fixed microphones

Computer: No

WiFi and Internet: No

OHP: By arrangement; inform steward with service details

Calamus Licence: A-730891

Senior Steward Jon Payne

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