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Service time: 10.30am

Congregation size: 30-50, varied ages, almost all 60+

Children & young people: Not usually

Hymn Books: Singing The Faith, Complete Mission Praise

Music: Organ, sometimes piano

Worship Leaders: 1, Tricia Mapletoft

Lectionary expected: No

Congregational involvement: Read lessons; housegroup can prepare drama or similar with a few weeks' notice

Intercessions book: Yes

Lord's Prayer: Traditional, said

Contact with preacher: Steward needs details by Friday; see below re power points/computer

Orders of service: Organist + readers

Offering: Taken up as normal

Communion arrangements: At rail, in groups; communion steward will direct; vestry steward usually assists. Retiring collection taken after communion; not dedicated

Sound system: Radio and fixed microphones

Computer: Screen fitted, computer and projector by arrangement; email by Wednesday. For words and visuals

WiFi and Internet: Yes

CCLI Licence: Copyright 500437, Music 500444, PRS 500468

Calamus Licence: A-730890

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