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Our Calling as Methodists means we long for God’s justice in the world. Around the globe and in their own local communities, Methodists are working for justice through responding to needs and campaigning for change. 

The prophet Micah reminded people that the worship God wants is for us to act justly, to love as God loves, and to walk humbly with God. Justice-seeking has always been integral to our relationship with God.

The Walking with Micah: Methodist Principles for Social Justice project will help the Methodist Church in Britain to focus on our principles and priorities for justice and through that increase our ability to seek God’s justice, as a Church and in our own Christian lives.

Join with others across Methodism as we aim to reduce our carbon footprint. If you think it's too big a challenge you can read all about it, how to get started and some stories of hope to encourage you and your church on the Methodist Church website. Just click on the blue button above.

If you're thinking of becoming an eco church, look out for the 'Getting started with Eco Church' forum which will be happening  this Autumn. Many of our churches have already started this and we are also working towards becoming an Eco Circuit, and hope to achieve our Bronze level soon.

This Power Point presentation is from a church looking at where they are and how they can improve with the Eco Church awards. You can use it as a basis for your own church to see where you are and where you can aim for. 

The Circuit is working towards Eco Circuit status. You can find out more about what we're doing and our journey as churches and a Circuit on our dedicated Eco Circuit page.

We are a Fair Trade circuit. This means that at all circuit events the refreshments provided will be Fairtrade products, as well as in many of the local churches too.

All the plastic that has ever been made still exists, and will do for hundreds of years more. You can play your part in reducing this by committing to reduce your use of single-use plastics in church. Has your church signed up to the Plastics Pledge yet? If not, click on the blue button and join in now.

As Christians we are called to care for the planet and all the people on it. If you are planning a service around a social justice theme we have plenty or resources from helpful websites to ready made full services. There are a wide range of topics too, from water justice to  racial justice; caring for the environment to celebrating creation.  Just go to the Worship Resource page to find them all.

We all use the term 'google' to refer to looking something up on the internet. But other, more ethical, search engines are available. Ecosia not only finds what you are looking for, but plants trees too! Click on the blue button above to find out more

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