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Service time: 9.30am
Congregation size: 20- 40 mostly 50+
Children & young people: Occasionally up to 4 ages 10-16
Hymn Books: Singing the Faith, CMP (1144 songs). Songs from other sources can be and are used 

Worship Books: The Methodist Worship Book is available                 
Music: Organ/piano and small music group 
Worship Leaders: Yes - like to be involved 
Lectionary expected: No
Congregational involvement: Read lessons, WL can lead intercessions 
Intercessions book: Yes, available on lectern
Lord's Prayer: Traditional - usually after intercessions
Contact with preacher: Church Worship contact will email about a week before with worship information. Order of service appreciated by Thursday at the latest
Orders of service: Order is printed in newsletter
Offering: Plate remains at back of church. Include prayer for offerings in the service
Communion arrangements: At front, usually continuous. Communion stewards will advise and assist. Service books can be used 
Sound system: Radio, fixed and roving microphones 
Computer: Digital projection used for service 
WiFi and Internet: No 
CCLI Licence: 744523Cat B, copyright 570883, streaming 99149, music 570890,  PRS 570900 
Calamus Licence: A – 730889

In addition a note about Newstime.
Congregation enjoys Newstime after 1st hymn/song, to share good news and concerns. This can be led by steward/worship leader. Lasts about 5 mins. Can be drawn together with a prayer.

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