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Service time: 10.30am & occasional 4pm informal services followed by high tea.
Congregation size: About 20, aged 60-80+
Children & young people: No
Worship Books: Methodist Holy Communion Worship
A Eucharist from Iona
Order of Service for communion from the Iona Community
Order of Service for Holy Communion from the Uniting Church in Australia
Hymn Books: Methodist Hymns Old and New
(Click here to see the index for Methodist Hymns Old and New (Kevin Mayhew 2001) 1-886 as used by Sharnbrook Methodist Church)
Music: Organ
Worship Leaders: 1, Marian Blyth
Lectionary expected: No
Congregational involvement: Read lessons; simple drama by arrangement. After the steward welcomes the preacher the organist will usually play a short piece to settle the congregation. We prefer to sing one designated hymn sitting down to be inclusive of all in an ageing congregation. We are comfortable with silence as part of the prayers or service provided it is made clear that this is what will happen. We are able to lead intercessions if requested. Please contact the Worship Leader with an Order of Service to arrange this. After the Grace, notices are given out and news shared over tea and coffee in the church
Lord's Prayer: Traditional or modern; spoken or sung
Contact with preacher: One of the Sunday Worship Team will email or telephone during week before
Orders of service: 4
Offering: Plate is by door, offering made as people come in and brought to front during last hymn by steward and either handed to the preacher or placed on table
Communion arrangements: In the round, steward assists. Choice of orders of service available
Sound system: Radio microphone + static microphone for readers
Computer: Not unless preacher brings equipment
WiFi and Internet: Yes
CCLI Licence: 459227, Cat A
Calamus Licence: A-730888

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