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Service time: 10.30am and Feast your Faith at 12.30pm, once a quarter.  A service based around a two-course meal.  Information will be sent to preachers in advance, but service should include a couple of hymns, an introduction to the theme, some conversation starters for people to engage with while they have their main course, which will be followed by a short reflection (5-10 minutes max), then dessert and prayers to finish.

Congregation size: 15-20 aged 40 to 90

Hymn Books: Singing the Faith

Music: CD’s computer, organ or piano but no one to play them

Worship Leaders: None

Lectionary expected: Not essential

Congregational involvement: Reading lessons

Intercessions book: Yes

Lord's Prayer: Traditional and said

Contact with preacher: via email usually at the being of the plan, easiest way to contact us is by email. Steward does not usually phone

Orders of service: for readers

Offering: when the preacher prefers

Communion arrangements: at rail in groups or in seats

Sound system: fixed and radio microphones can play CDs

Computer: Computer/data projector used every week for hymns, readings, prayers etc. PowerPoint put together by Jane & David Germany; information to us by Thursday, if possible please.

WiFi and Internet: No

CCLI Licence: 1265135

Calamus Licence: A-730887

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