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Service time: 10.30am & Informal worship at 3pm, currently once a quarter.  Discussion based service, with people sat round tables in the ‘small’ chapel.  Two or three hymns.  Tea and cake will be offered.  

Congregation size: 30-40, mostly 55+

Children & young people: About 4-8, aged 1-16

The younger ones meet in their own group on the 1st Sunday of the month, the teenagers meet separately on the same Sunday. We encourage the children to come into church to share in Communion and to share with the congregation what they have been doing

On 3rd Sunday, any children and young people will remain for the whole service and should be included

On other Sundays, activities are provided for children who remain in worship with a play mat at the rear for younger ones. This only happens occasionally. Occasional Messy services and parades of uniformed groups, preacher will be informed

Hymn Books: Singing the Faith (on screen but some books available), H&P & SoF 1-4 on screen only. A variety of hymns and some modern worship songs appreciated

Worship Books: The Methodist Worship Book is available

Music: Organ, piano, CD backing tracks; worship band for All-age Worship. YouTube clips - please send link to technician

Worship Leaders: 3 available and can do most things by arrangement

Lectionary expected: Usually used, but not a requirement

Congregational involvement: Read lessons, lead intercessions if the preacher wishes, drama by arrangement

Lord's Prayer: Traditional or modern, usually said: please inform technician if you have a preference

Contact with preacher: Letter sent out in advance. Dedicated email address used to communicate information about the service

Orders of service: Copies for readers appreciated

Offering: Mainly by DD / Standing order. Plate at entry to church. A general prayer of dedication is appreciated

Communion arrangements: Usually 1st Sunday. Congregation may be all seated, but can be at rail, continuous flow or in groups as the preacher prefers. A variety is welcome. Communion stewards assist; lay preacher or someone else may help with distribution. Gluten free bread

Sound system: 2 radio microphones, 3 fixed, one mobile (hand held)

Computer: Yes, trained operators. PowerPoint and EasyWorship

WiFi and Internet: Yes

CCLI Licence: 6663

Calamus Licence: A-633108

Service takes place in main sanctuary.

Begins with a prayer focussing on the peace candle by steward.

A variety of worship styles are welcome.

If words to be projected are not in Singing The Faith, a few paper copies should be provided for those with poor sight.

The service is live-streamed using Zoom and 8 – 12 people will join this way. It is also recorded and placed on the Priory website and YouTube

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