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Service time: 10.30am (Time of prayer in the lounge for 15 minutes from 10:00)

                           2:30pm  (Time of prayer in the lounge for 15 minutes from 14:00)

Congregation size: 20+, aged 8 - 80, evenly spread

Children & young people: children always welcome, dedicated children's corner and activity table at the back linked to service.  

Hymn Books: books not normally used as words are projected but StF and words from various other sources available on request 

Worship Books: The Methodist Worship Book is available

Music: Power point 

Worship Leaders: 2 Worship Leaders available. Will lead part of the worship

Lectionary expected: No, but Roots follows it      

Congregational involvement: Read lessons; will lead intercessions by request; drama 

Intercessions book: No book but Prayer Bowl available

Lord's Prayer: Both versions used

Contact with preacher: Steward/Worship leader will contact, details by Friday at the latest

Orders of service: 2, in advance if possible, via email

Offering: Plate at back of church, not brought forward during service but dedicatory prayer welcomed     

Communion arrangements: At rail, in chairs or standing in a semi-circle in groups. Lay assistance, if requested. Moveable Communion table available             

Sound system: Radio and fixed microphones. Pulpit seldom used     

Computer: Yes; laptop and projector available on request. PowerPoint and Word available. Able to show video clips through DVD player. Can access YOUTUBE if requested prior to service

WiFi and Internet: No                  

CCLI Licence: 5545, print & project

Calamus Licence: A-730883

We occasionally have a 40/20 service in the morning or afternoon. In these services all members of the congregation are offered an option of staying in the church for the sermon or going into the hall for discussion and activities based on the theme of the service. Those who go into the hall then rejoin the rest of the congregation and there is an opportunity to share our thoughts.

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