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Service time: 10.30am  

Congregation size: Approximately 20, mostly ladies 60+

Children & young people: Not usually

Hymn Books: H&P, Hymns Old and New  (Click to see the index for Hymns Old & New - Revised & Enlarged 1-858)

Worship Books: We have a full set of new complete worship books, which include all the services (We no longer use the 1975 books, although they are still available if required) The Methodist Worship Book is available

Music: Organ, piano, keyboard (+ discs with hymns for use on keyboard)

Worship Leaders: 1; sometimes share in leading as required by preacher

Lectionary expected: No

Congregational involvement: Will read lessons and lead intercessions by arrangement. Drama possible with notice

Lord's Prayer: Traditional, said, no set time

Contact with preacher: Steward will ring or e-mail by Thursday

Orders of service: 1 (more if others taking part)

Offering: Plates at back of Church. Most contribute by standing order

Communion arrangements: At rail in groups, using complete worship books. (The 1975 Service Book is still available if required.) Lay assistance if required

Sound system: Fixed and radio microphones, including one roving mike

Computer: Yes, multi-media system, can project PowerPoint presentations

WiFi and Internet: No

CCLI Licence: 195794 Cat A (Church copyright 536401, Music reproduction 536432, PRS for Music 536449)

Calamus Licence: A-730882

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