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Service time: 10.30am

Congregation size: About 20-30 adults

Children & young people: An average of 10 children (included in total above). We generally have a short reflection led by the Sunday Club leader after the first hymn and like to say the Lord's Prayer together at this point. We try to encourage preachers to choose a suitable all age opening hymn. The children go out to Sunday Club during the second hymn.

We hold two parade services a year with 50-60 young people from Girls' and Boys' Brigades who like to take part in the service. Preachers will be informed if more children are in attendance and if they are going out

Hymn Books: Complete Mission Praise, Singing the Faith

Music: Organ/piano available but no organist at this time, CDs

Worship Leaders: No

Lectionary expected: No

Congregational involvement: Read lessons, only lead intercessions if asked

Lord's Prayer: Traditional, any time in service

Contact with preacher: Letter sent giving details, including steward, a week ahead of time; preacher contacts steward on Friday prior to service

Orders of service: 3/4

Offering: Collection is taken up by two members of the Church and brought to the front for the blessing

Communion arrangements: Communion is shared with all ages. Sunday Club children come back into a communion service during the eucharistic prayer, and come to the rail with their parents/grandparents. At rail in groups, steward on duty assists

Sound system: 2 Fixed microphones, 1 radio microphone

Computer: Yes, Screen and music

WiFi and Internet: Yes

CCLI Licence: 881118

Calamus Licence: A-730881

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