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Service time: 10.30am

Congregation size: 50-100  (15% under 40, 15% 40-60, 70% 60+)       

Children & young people: 3-10, aged 5-12, present for 1st 15 mins. This part planned in monthly meeting of worship leaders; preachers welcome to join. This meeting selects hymns for 1st part of service. Roots materials used; preacher can choose to continue theme. Parade services two per year

Hymn Books: Singing the Faith, H&P and The Source; almost anything can be put on screen    

Worship Books: The Methodist Worship Book is available

Music: Mainly organ and piano 

Worship Leaders: Lead opening part while children are present, including an introduction to theme. Preacher usually takes over for prayer of dismissal for children             

Lectionary expected: Usually used but preacher's choice

Congregational involvement: Read lessons, can lead intercessions or do drama by arrangement         

Intercessions book: Brought up by steward prior to intercessions     

Lord's Prayer: Modern version in back of H&P, on screen. Usually while children are in, but can be flexible

Contact with preacher: Steward or Worship Leader will contact; details of anything required on screen needed by Wednesday evening

Orders of service: 4       

Offering: After children leave    

Communion arrangements: At rail, usually continuous communion. Steward assists      

Sound system: Fixed (up to 6), hand held and 2 radio microphones     

Computer: Fitted, trained operators, mainly PowerPoint for words & visuals; can also play video from DVD and music from CD or MP3    

WiFi and Internet: Yes   

Service Recording: Recorded and watched on YouTube

CCLI Licence: CCL, PRS Licence No 5467 

Calamus Licence: 730875-A       

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