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Service time: 10.30am

Congregation size: About 20-30 aged 30-90+

Children & young people: 2nd Sunday of the month normally All Age worship.    If any children are present on other Sundays they will stay in the service

Hymn Books: Singing the Faith, Hymns and Psalms, Songs of Fellowship 1 - 4

Worship Books: The Methodist Worship Book is available

Music: Organ/piano

Worship Leaders: 1

Lectionary expected: No

Congregational involvement: Read lessons and can do prayers of intercession. Drama by arrangement

Lord's Prayer: Normally said, traditional version

Contact with preacher: Steward will phone or email. Order of service needed by Wednesday

Orders of service: 1; steward will copy

Offering: At entrance to church.  Not brought forward at present but prayer of dedication appreciated

Communion arrangements: Normally taken round

Sound system: Both fixed and radio microphones

Computer: Yes, use Songpro and PowerPoint available for words and visuals. Designated operators

WiFi and Internet: Yes

CCCL Licence: 305034, CCL, MRL, PRS music & video

Calamus Licence: A-633088

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