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Service time: 10.30am

Congregation size: About 8 to 12

Children & young people: Any children will stay for the whole service and included if possible

Hymn Books: Singing the Faith, Hymns & Psalms, Songs of Fellowship

Worship Books: The Methodist Worship Book is available

Music: Organ/Piano

Worship Leaders: Sometimes lead intercessions

Lectionary expected: No

Congregational involvement: Read lessons, prayers of intercession by arrangement

Intercessions book:

Lord's Prayer: Said, traditional version

Contact with preacher: Church Steward contacts by email or phone on Monday

Orders of service: 2 + readers

Offering: At the entrance to the church, and is brought forward during the final verse of the last hymn

Communion arrangements: At the rail in groups, Steward assists

Sound system: Both fixed and radio microphone

Computer: No

WiFi and Internet: No

CCLI Licence: 612928  CLA 1015805

Calamus Licence: A-730878

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