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Service time: Normally 10.30am 2nd Sunday.  Hybrid 6.00pm other Sundays

Congregation size: Number about 12 – 15 in church plus those on zoom (3 – 5) (Ages 6 mths – 90 yrs!)

Children & young people: 2 – 4 children aged 0 – 3 yrs in the service

Hymn Books: Complete Mission Praise, Singing the Faith.  All words projected. We are happy to attempt 'other' hymns/songs, if words and music are provided in advance

Music: Organ, guitar, violin, cello

Worship Leaders: No

Lectionary expected: No

Congregational involvement: Can provide readers and lead prayers of intercession by arrangement. Drama possible with advance notice

Lord's Prayer: Any version

Contact with preacher: Steward contacts by email a week prior to the service, requesting relevant information by the Thursday before the service

Orders of service: Will be printed for readers/others taking part

Offering: No offering taken during service.  Plate at the door on leaving but most people give by direct debit.  A prayer of dedication of gifts is included in the welcome by the steward

Communion arrangements: Seated or standing (no rail); lay people sometimes assist

Sound system: Radio microphones used

Computer: One on site or preacher's own laptop can be plugged in. Songs projected. PowerPoint can be used for words or visuals

WiFi and Internet: Yes

CCLI Licence: 22647, covers for projected/print words and listen to audio.

One License: A-633097

We asked our "XTFEX" members (20-30-year-olds) what they wanted from our services of worship. They said:

  • A time for meditation where there would be music playing and a time to be reflective on something that has been read/said/discussed. This would be a relaxing time to come away from the stress of the week

  • Need inspiration! Something to take away from the worship that will be remembered and acted on all week, ie a short statement – “Turning negatives into positives” is something that Eve still remembers from her ‘youth’!

  • The talk/sermon should be short, 5 – 10 minutes as after this time they ‘switch off’ and that is time lost.

  • Need to keep to time – they didn’t like services that ran over 1 hour, especially when it got to one and half hours!!

  • Café style – so that there is time for discussion on the topic/readings

  • The readings need to be relevant and be linked to life today

  • Readings on the website in advance of the service, so they could be read before hand and people could come up with questions

  • Maybe have a topic or a running theme

  • Have a challenge for the week

  • If you feel good in a service then you’ve got something out of it, and you are much more likely to pass it on

  • How much can we influence preachers

  • Is this something we could do once a month as it would be difficult maybe to do this every week, and also XTFEX could not always make every week, but if they knew which Sunday of the month it would be, then that would be good

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