North Bedfordshire Circuit The Methodist Church


The Methodist Church is a mainstream Christian Church and in Britain there are thousands of Methodist Churches with a few hundred thousand members, which is part of a world-wide movement.

In North Bedfordshire, there are about 30 Methodist Churches and Local Ecumenical Projects, the latter involve Methodists joining together with Christians of other denominations to form one local united church.

Please use the "Our Churches" button at the top right of the screen or the Church Links on the right edge of the screen to find out more about your nearest Methodist Church or Local Ecumenical Project.

These churches are grouped together to form the "North Bedfordshire Methodist Circuit".

Our Calling

The calling of the Methodist Church is to respond to the gospel of God's love in Christ and to live out its discipleship in worship and mission. It does this through:

Worship The Church exists to increase awareness of God's presence and to celebrate God's love.
Learning & Caring The Church exists to help people to grow and learn as Christians, through mutual support and care.
Serving The Church exists to challenge injustice and to be a good neighbour to people in need.
Evangelism The Church exists to make more followers of Jesus Christ.