North Bedfordshire Circuit The Methodist Church

Social Action Mission Stream - Recycling


Why do we care as Christians?

As Fred Pratt Green’s hymn says “God in His love for us lent us this planet”, “ours as his stewards to farm and defend. From its pollution, misuse and destruction, good Lord deliver us, world without end!”

Most of us as individuals and as churches use the recycling and garden waste bins provided by the local council and many of us take unwanted items for re-sale at charity shops.
Some churches also act as collection points for specific items that can be re-used by other charities. This all raises awareness (and donations) not only throughout the congregation but also amongst users of the church buildings. Food hand-outs are an unfortunate necessity to many families; unwanted clothes can keep the homeless warm, stamps can be recycled to support children suffering from cancer and milk bottle–tops to provide wheelchairs for the disabled. There are many other examples.

Items currently being collected are:

BrasKempston W
JewelleryKempston W
Postcards (new and used)Langford, Sandy,
Print cartridgesClapham, Lidlington, Kempston W
Stamps (used)Clapham, Flitwick, Langford, Lidlington, Priory, Kempston W., Sharnbrook

Clothes (particularly for men) and bedding can be delivered to the Prebend Day Centre, Prebend Street, Bedford on any weekday morning.
Bibles for Bedford Prison can be sent via Rev. Caroline Weaver
Redundant items in any church can be offered around the circuit and beyond. Don’t forget that this includes unwanted hymn-books etc. which can find a new home abroad.

For more information or to suggest a Social Action Stream Campaign,
please contact Marian Blyth at